Crypto OTC Market

Crypto OTC market is an international OTC-trading channel (P2P over-the-counter exchange) for crypto-currencies and tokens, including locked tokens. No fiat money.

You can use this group, for example: for exchanging large sums of cryto (USDT ⇔ BTC, BTC ⇔ ETH, etc.), purchase of masternode stakes, exchange of coins with insufficient liquidity (immediately after unlock), exchange of locked tokens, etc.

It is recommended to make transactions through trusted observers (group administrators) to avoid fraud.

📄 The format of the message: [#direction (#buy or #sell)] [amount] [# ticker1] for [amount] [# ticker2]

For example:

sell 10000 #NEX for 25 #NEO

buy 50000 #HOT for 100 #BTC

Any messages not in this format, spam or ads will be deleted.

⛓ General work order:

  1. Transaction parties identify each other in this group and exchange PMs.
  2. If the participants have agreed upon the transaction terms they PM one of the admins.
  3. The admin then oversees the transaction to eliminate fraud. The parties must make sure that the administrator is real, and that the wallets of the administrator match the wallets specified in this pinned message.

🔐 You can also trade locked tokens:

  1. Only through a trusted observer (administrator)
  2. The seller contributes a deposit of no less than 20% of the price of the tokens in any currency as a safeguard against fraud. Should the deal fall apart due to the actions of the seller, the buyer will receive the deposit.
  3. The seller will receive the crypto only after the buyer receives the tokens.

Trusted observer service fee: the total transaction fee is 2% and is subject to splitting between the parties in any way they find agreeable (the fee is split 50/50 by default)

👮 Admins (guarantors) of the group: @Averonix, @tonoff

💰 Wallets of group admins (check before the transaction to avoid fraud):

  • 12Twc8EWfQdJ5eULKLFXG3XwKAcUWgQd2N
  • 18M59sbQugDrWbkoEgN5QrxBHZejTW6FEc
  • 0x7a1e82a8554ccc29275f5cd010de3668578bbc9f
  • 0x2254a7905f526A54f2951612A047bC9A18256939
  • AT7gamZPsbBajmc7poXEeHciC1cexZZKdf