Tezos Notifier

Tezos Notifier – very first Telegram-bot for Tezos blockchain

Our proud community Norn sees great potential in the Tezos project and thus from time to time we like to contribute to the project and the community (more on that later). So we decided to develop Telegram bot for Tezos that helps with the following:

  • personal address monitoring for new transactions and current balance;
  • third-party address monitoring (like exchange wallets monitoring for dump predictions);
  • delegate monitoring with various parameters;
  • …there is honestly so much more we could add…

So we made https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot -the first Tezos blockchain bot! Currently it can:

  • add an unlimited number of wallets, exchange wallets or delegate addresses to monitor, rename and manage;
  • address balance checking (also available in BTC and USD)
  • incoming/outgoing transactions notifications with threshold settings;
  • reward notifications from monitored delegates (can be toggled);
  • new origination and delegation notifications;
  • notifications about skipping baking and endorsing blocks – delegates can monitor the performance of their nodes, you can monitor how well your delegate works
  • notifications about cycle performance of delegates;
  • 2 interface languages (russian/english depending on your regional settings)
  • …we will be working on the bot further and will add new and tasty features as we go.

How to start?

Simply open our bot https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, click “New address” and send to the bot an address for monitoring and it’s name (like ‘tz1XuPMB8X28jSoy7cEsXok5UVR5mfhvZLNf Arthur’): it can be your TZ or KT address (to monitor transactions and balance), delegate’s address (to monitor baking and problems in work) or the address of the exchange.

Then you can manage addresses and settings in “My addresses”, and also perform the global settings of the bot itself in the “Settings”.

Sample bot messages:

Bot menu
New address
New overdelegated delegate address
Address list with modifiable notifications and Threshold setting
Incoming/outcoming transaction with grouping to avoid spamming the feed
New delegation notification
Notification about Delegate’s missed block endorsing

A small bonus for those brave souls that made it to the end: Gate.io wallet is

KT18yTsDxUbVrenxZsbFSx6Ai72hRHod9pHV – you can monitor the transactions to predict the exchange rate 🙂

Here are some more fun activities we do at our community:

  • Our delegate: http://tezos.norn.fund/
  • Delegation guides:

– Galleon wallet: https://goo.gl/BJzzWw

– Tezbox Wallet: https://goo.gl/xjU3vg

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